Nov 16, 2011

Focus on me

Hi guys, sorry for abandoning this blog for a moment. I'm currently really busy doing some projects. I plan to launch my CURIOUS new collection by the end of this November, so now I'm preparing all the stuff, from the quality control to the marketing strategy. I want this to be something big, not just 'another clothing line'. At the same time, I am now doing a thrifted project that will be sold online too. Everything is under control, I just need my self to take it easier. You know, I'm a kind of person who will do anything and put all efforts to reach my goal. That's a good thing, but you need to manage your expectations too, right? So umm, see you on the next post. I really hope I can do a daily update to this blog, because it is one of my goals. I hate blogs with lack of updates hahahaha *smooch*

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