Nov 20, 2011

Dewi Fashion Knights 2012

This weekend was superb. Last Friday I got the invitation to Dewi Fashion Knights, its a closing show for Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. Big thanks to Redita Soumi, the one who gave me the invitation. So I grab my sheer maxi skirt from my CURIOUS and anything that looks match with it and top it up with my H&M round hat. We arrived at the venue a bit late since the traffic was awful, we forgot that it was Friday and seems like every one was heading to Pacific Place. Luckily the show was started a bit late too.

Five designers were selected to be this year's Dewi Fashion Knights, they are Sebastian Gunawan, Auguste Soesastro, Sally Koeswanto, Sapto Djojokartiko and Tex Saverio. The show was opened by Sebastian Gunawan, his designs are so spicy and chic. Tribal prints. red, yellow, folded edges, fringes and unique wedges.

Auguste Soesarto's design are his tribute to the earth. He said that luxury is about simplicity and the quality of the material. But I personally think that it is too plain hehehehehe :p

Sally Koeswanto's design are very sexy and playful. I really love the low back cutting on the dresses. The oriental touch is very strong, showed on the details. Cheongsam, lace, rhinestones, peacocks, leather shorts, metallics..

Sapto Djojokartiko, his designs are epic. The model came out with this empty eyes, long straight hair, face mask, long dresses that looks like a kebaya, Indonesian traditional dress with lots of awesome and shining details. 

Look at that crazy shoes!

I bet that he's using real hair on the bottom of this dress

Tex Saverio. I was so happy that I can finally saw his show. His designs are pieces of arts, full of imagination. His collection was inspired from one of the verses in the holy book, it tells of wars being fought between good and evil nature which he then presented with various ornaments which made ​​from a variety of material and Batik. I saw a lot of goldish and haute couture details on the dresses like a little golden angel on the shoulder dress. 

Images courtesy of me and JFW

Amazing show, great team, I love Dewi Fashion Knights 2012! ♥

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