Nov 11, 2011

Daisy Talk

Yesterday I had a dinner with my office mate, Edith, we decided to go to Sushi Tei to fill up our sushi crave that night. After eating some platters of sushi rolls and watching the lobsters in front of us, we began to talk about random things just like usual. Edith told me about her childhood when she was in a marching band squad, did the color guard role and lifted up the level as she became the mayorette. She just realized that since she was in elementary school, she always has goals in whatever she does. Just like when she joined the marching band squad, she told her self that she wanted to be a majorette. So she did everything with her passion to reach the goal. The good thing is that she keeps on living that kind of thinking until now. We all need to have goals in whatever we do. Because if we don't have goals then we don't know where we are heading to and what we are trying to achieve.

Edith also told me about her old friend, a guy whose now no longer closes to her. She and her old friend went to the same school with her since elementary school until college. But they just got along as a best friend in college, they previously didn't really know each other. As she told me her story, I remembered about my old friend in jr high school. At that time, MIRC is like a facebook. I used it a lot in my spare time to chat with my friends from other school, until one day I had a chat with this boy named Pale (pa-lé). From the first time we had a chat, he was like an old friend to me. We talked about everything, school, friends, movies and all trending issues at that time. We had a long phone call almost every time. He had a girlfriend, he told me about her too. But too bad we only met each other for like once or twice (I forgot). He is a nice boy and really fun to be friends with. As we got in high school (we didn't went to the same school), our chat freq was decreasing. Until I realized that I no longer had a chat or a phone call with him. I had never sign in to my MIRC too. I don't know where he is now or what uni did he went to, but I'm really curious about him. I wish I remember his full name so I can search him on Facebook. Well Pale, if you read this post, how are you buddy? :)

The picture above is my colleague's Marc Jacob Daisy necklace perfume. The pict was taken with my iPhone, I fell in love so deep with the camera! :D

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