Nov 18, 2011

Cotton Ink - Fall 2011

So I met with the young ladies from Cotton Ink, Ria Sarwono and Carline Darjanto, at KOI Kemang a few weeks ago. We were doing a project for my fellow client and they were one of the inspiring icons. We held a video shooting at that time, kak Ria and kak Carline bring some of their upcoming collection which I liked a lot. They said that the clothes that they wore for the shoot were not being published yet at the web store. Surprisingly, they launched the latest Fall 2011 collection by the time the website was on again. So here are some pictures from the lookbook..

This polkadot top is really catchy, I usually don't fall for polkadots because it looks silly. But this time the polkadot is really genius for layering it with a white cotton, which looks so playful. They actually have the long sleeve one, but I prefer this sleeveless shirt. I always have a thing with sleeveless.

This circular shirt is really cute, it reminds me of a poncho. I wish they had a brown for this.

This is the shirt I talk on the beginning of this post. Kak Ria was wearing this shirt on the shoot. I love the navy blue one a lot! Pair it with black legging, platform shoes and a vintage bag :D

I actually have ordered this one hehehe. It was sold out one time before I did the order. And it went sold out (again) soon after I ordered it. Pheww, seems like this is the best seller, thank God I am now waiting for it to come to my house :D

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