Oct 23, 2011

Walking to the moon

I'm baaackk :)

And just woke up from a 14 hours sleep hahaha. I was very tired yesterday, walked like an athlete during my trip in Singapore. Overall the trip was fun, I finally visited Universal Studios Singapore. Last year when I visited USS, the ticket was sold out for the next 3 days haha but not this time, because my bf has already bought it online before we went to Singapore. Oh yea I met Clara and kak Diana at the airport, they were going to Singapore too, they were invited by Singapore Science Centre (if I was not wrong). It sounds like fun, too bad we had different flights.

Went to Merlion park, shopped around Orchard and Bugis, rode Cylon at Universal Studios, it was all fun! Have a lot to share to you in blog posts, but I will continue the post soon, my eyes are still sleepy hehe. See you! :)

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