Oct 9, 2011

Take a look at the girl with the cherry lips

Hey hey happy Sunday guys :)

I'm now enjoying the weather in my mom's room. The weather is too nice to be missed. And since I have no window in my room, I temporarily moved to my mom's. So umm as you can see that there is a major change in my blog and I haven't officially announce it. Its pretty weird to see my new blog title and layout, I haven't get used to it hihihi.

In these past few months I feel that my blog is no longer representing me, despite the lack of post and artworks I blogged, every time I type my blog address I feel like (honestly) a bit ashamed. Its like the blog title and address are too loud and not represents my self at all, well maybe it was, back at the time when I started this blog. The Fruit Machine name were taken from The Ting Tings' song, Fruit Machine. I was a big fan of them (until now) and when I decided to make a blog I was totally clueless about the blog title. Then I grabbed The Ting Tings' album cover and saw this "Fruit Machine" song on the back. I instantly typed on the blog title column. Hahahaha silly isn't it? Yea yea that's me and my Fruit Machine :)

Two days ago, when I was laying on my bed, I began thinking about my blog, that I should do something to it. I was thinking about the layout, it needs to be cleaner, the links should be gathered in one page, not on the home page's side. Then I started thinking about the title, I want it to represents me more, not too childish, nor mature. Then I list down all things that I like and try to figure out what will be the best title for my blog. Out of no where, "take a look" popped up in my mind and I liked it a lot (haha again, random things). Its like two persons are talking and one of them say "Hey take a look at this blog, she got something!"

So here I welcome you guys to take a look at my blog. You can now easily access my blog through www.dindaps.com, if you typed the old link (fruitmachinebyps.blogspot.com) it will auto redirect you to the new address. No, you're not landing in a wrong page if you were looking for The Fruit Machine. Its still me, my random writings and my artworks in a better package and layouts :)

Lastly, a blog post without an artwork is like a banana split ice cream without a cherry on top. Here is my latest artwork, I call it "The Girl With The Cherry Lips". This is my first artwork using a wacom (thanks R for borrowing it to me). I have not get used to wacom, its pretty hard to make the linings, need to practice more. But I love it when it gets to the colouring process. I'm like a little kid who plays with water colour, a digital water colour with hundreds of brushes :)


Image taken from here

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