Oct 16, 2011

Sunday Scenery

What a lazy weekend :D

Spent THE WHOLE weekend sitting on my bed, starring at the laptop screen, reblogging cool photographs and arts in tumblr, checking out the facebook home page (lots of interesting pictures lately), drooling over frankie and lula mag's website, going ooh and aaah over some independent fashion line blogs.. Happiness :)

I didn't even met my bf this weekend, kekeke. But no worries, I'll meet him this Wednesday until weekend, 4 days in a row, 24/7. I'm going to have a short trip with him and his sisters (hello mbak Yanti and Lili :D) to Singapore, yeay! The last time I went to Sg was in June 2010, right after graduation. After that, I got to work in office so I didn't really have much time for trips. So.. I'm ready for this Wednesday! :D


  1. awesome pictures! I am actually living in Cedar Falls Iowa for college!

    check out my new post!


  2. love the picture !and love your blog, follow me if you love and i'll follow back you



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