Oct 12, 2011

The Pretty Berry

I really like Burberry Prorsum's collection for Spring 2012, looks tough and sophisticated at the same time. The colours are also lovely, it awaken me up for not using black too much. Because apparently dark colours are not only black and grey.

I've been wanting a creme trench coat, but of course I can't afford Burberry hahaa oh well, who doesn't love their signature trench coat?

I have a similar skirt like this. Maybe its time to wear it again.

I really like the shirt and shoes.

R, would you please wear this kind of outfit? :)

Jacket alert!

I really like this dress, the shoulder pad makes it perfect. Somehow the prints reminds me of batik, really cool.

My favourite look, I would loooove to wear this!

Speaking about shoes, I like to wear high heels because it gives me the proportional look (my legs are pretty big). But I can't stand wearing stilleto for more than 2 hours. That's why I prefer wedges or chunky platforms instread of those sexy-feet-killing heels. Oh yea this espadrilles wedges looks so sweet and comfortable. For me, espadrilles goes along with whatever your outfit is.

Another wedges. Aaaaaa! I really love this one! For me, wedges with printed heels are like chocolate ice cream with almond sprinkles!

I smell some DIY ideas here.. *wink wink*

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