Oct 30, 2011

Nikicio - Mixté Le Printemps 2012

My favourite pieces from Nikicio Mixté Le Printemps 2012 are.. *drum rolls*

The print!
It looks like snake skin but I just found out that it is Norwegian knit being scanned and printed on silk. Oh boy, how genius!

Images from Google, compiled by me

By the time I saw the lookbook, I feel like seeing my own closet haha basic colors, tanks, loose shirts, denim vest, sheer skirt and maxis. I really love the white sleeveless shirt (on the right), it looks simple and edgy at the same time. The ceramic beads makes it perfect! And the best of the best is..

The maxi silk skirt with Norwegian knit print! I really love it that I made it into artwork haha. Great job Nikicio, I love your collections! 


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