Oct 8, 2011


Its another Saturday, another weekend to be spent. My weekend won't be the same as usual, I'm sick and this is my 3rd day of being sick. Last Wednesday at the office, I felt so unwell. I usually took my body signals as nothing, but that time it was different. I couldn't sit up straight, its like my bones has lost the power to hold my body. Then I took permission from my bosses to go home earlier. At home, it was getting worse. I could do nothing but sleeping and thicken the blanket and my jackets. On the next day, I went to the doctor and told all the symptom. The doctor said that I'm suffering from complication diseases, low blood pressure, ulcer, para typhus and probably a liver disease. I was really shocked. Right after that, I went to a lab to check out my blood. The results said that I had a typhus and so the doctor recommended me to have a full rest at home, in 8 days. Hmm.. Maybe this is what I need to pay for all the business I had in office. This is the way God tells me to have a rest. A silent way of how my body screams for a rest. So here it goes, 8 days :)

Being at home simply forced me to watch tv (besides browsing on my laptop for sure), because the doctor said that I must not go anywhere until I completely recovered from this typhus. I don't really like to watch local tv, so I watch the cable tv instead. But I'm really curious about Kompas TV, people said that it is a great channel. Is it? Any of you have watched Kompas Tv? Anyways, I lately watch Fashion Tv a lot and feel so grateful that I stay home at the right time hahaha the tv shows are all about fashion week. Yeay! I feel so happy seeing those spring colours, super pretty! My favourites are Betsey Johnson's :)

I have never like green dresses because basically I hate green outfits. But when I saw this lime green dress, ...*sigh* Together with the shoes, make up, hair do, accessories, this dress is too cute to be true!

I always love slouchy outfit, just like this sheer cardigan. Plus, its a black! :p

Look at that polka socks and the shoes. The white bow makes it perfect.

I loooovvvhheee thisss

For this look, I love the peach top and the shoes. Its like the pretty look of chuck taylor hahaha

Super cool trench coat!

The mini dresses are so fun and cute. I rarely like bright outfits, but Betsey Johnson has no reasons for not to be liked! :)

Here comes the details.. I love the side swept hair, the big waves makes a great combination. The plastic pink lipstick looks so fresh, lately I found red lipstick almost everywhere. The earrings, this is a big sign that thunder earrings will be a big hit in 2012. The necklace is also refreshing, silver is the new black. I'm so enuff with goldish accessories :p

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