Sep 26, 2011

Welcome to my coffee shop :)

Since I was in high school, I have this big dream in mind: to own a coffee shop. I love coffee and spend time in a coffee shop. And this is how I want it to be..

I want it to have a big window that lets the people on the street to see what's inside. The interior will invite them to come in and order a cup of hot coffee, especially in rainy days. As they open the cafe door, they will hear a song that comforts their ears and souls.

They can read the menu on the chalk board near the cashier.
I'll write the daily promo on it to attract more customer teehee :p

I want people to smile before they sip their coffee. You can order some words or even a phrase to be appeared on the cappuccino foam. I want people to express their feelings through my coffee.

Not only hot coffee, you can also order cold drinks, like this giant glass of oreo milkshake with cute stripey straw.

I want people to be comfortable, I want them to feel like at home. 
So I'll serve you my best cappuccino in a homey printed mug.

Besides coffee, my cafe also have some meals to fill up your hungry tummy with the delicious finger food, sweets and deserts. Put your order at the cashier and wait for 10 minutes. I'll bring you the order with a little note beside the plate, "Eat me, I'm yummy!"

My cafe will serve you like a loyal customer, you can sit all day alone or with your friends and lovers. Spend your afternoon with a cup of hazelnut latte while browsing some inspiring websites on your devices, of course the wifi connection is excellent.

Clean walls painted in creme or off whites and decorated with vintage polaroids and framed artwork. My dear customer, I can put your polaroids on my cafe walls if you want to. I would love to see your smiles while holding my coffee cups :)

Clean bottles to keep some spices as decorating stuff

You can never get bored in my cafe, I put a lot of interesting books and magazines at the corner rack.

I will also put some quotes that invites you to smile and say "this coffee shop is very nice, I'm so sure to come back here next week with my friends"

So this is my imagination about my coffee shop. All images are from Google. Don't you just love Google so much? It lets you to bring your imagination alive :)

P.S: Dear R, I know you'll read this post. I really thank you for being so kind and lovely today. Love you dear :)


  1. love your dream, love your imagination, love your art, and i do love your blog :)

  2. that is so sweet. I hope you could make it come true one day :)
    I actually dreaming to have a cafe, me and my lovely one will be the owner until we both getting old. :p

  3. Thanks a lot guys, thats so sweet of you. So happy to read your comments :)

  4. oh love it!!

    I'll pray it will come true! be sure send me an invite for the opening! :-)


  5. @Ms. S: Thank youuu! I'll post the invitation to my blog so everyone can come to the opening :D

  6. All lovely photos! inspirational and cozy)

    with love from Ukraine

  7. beautiful dream ...
    Love your inspirational quotation ...

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