Aug 21, 2011

Much love for ♥Much Love♥

I'm so into vintage images, plastic cameras and heart warming photograph. I really love to browse a lot of pretty blogs out there and enjoying their posts. Two blogs I love the most are Daydream Lily and ♥Much Love♥. In this post, I'm gonna show you how pretty ♥Much Love♥ is..

Every time I visit her blog, I always have this new ideas in my mind. Her blog has inspired me much.

So what are you guys up to? How was the weekend? I went to my friend's house on Sat, met my high school friends. I was the only of them who barely join them in events, which is very sad. But I was happy that yesterday I finally met all of them and shared a lot of stories. I was really surprised and happy to know that some of my friends has made great achievements in college, like being sent to Japan and Poland for international student conferences, became the third winner of Asia Pacific research competition, being one of the delegates from Indonesia to join the world competition in Paris and got both Master and PHD scholarship to study chemicals in States. I'm sooo proud of them :)

Tomorrow is the 22nd day of fasting in this Ramadhan month. I can say nothing than time flies really fast. It feels like Ramadhan was just begin in a few days, but now its 10 days away to Eid! Gosh, I really wish Ramadhan month can stays longer so I can pray more and more and moooore.

Btw we're in the end of August, that means 4 months to 2012. I have this idea about end year resolution. You know, we used to make a new year resolution, but in the middle of the year we just forget what are the resolutions we stated before. I think this is a good way to make yourself passionate towards to 2012 (because sometimes end year works are sucks hahaha). So set up your goals, don't make it hard, because the simple ones are the best. And don't forget to write down the tactics to reach your goals.

Mine will be..
1. Learn how to cook, especially cakes like cupcakes, cake pops, lava cakes and Nutella mug cake (the first thing I need to do is to buy an oven)
2. Read Al-Quran at least twice a week (you can do it every weekend, Dinda!)
3. Do exercise (sit up and take a walk from the bus shelter, every morning)
4. Eat more fruits, drink more mineral water and less caffeine!

So what's yours? Oh, do you guys still remember about the 30 Days Drawing Challenge? I think I fail the challenge already. But I will follow the drawing themes and post mine in this blog hehehe see you!

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