Jul 31, 2011

Baby Please Don't Go -Mike Posner

I promise that I will finish this blog post *pinky promise*


Let me just share some picts with you like usual. I'm currently in love with Instagram, I think Instagram is a total genius. Aaah I just love Instagram! For you guys who follows my Twitter you must have known that I post a lot of Instagram picts. Come and follow me hehehe. Okay so this post is going to be a long and random post, be prepared guys! :p

Since my office is located right beside Plaza Senayan, me and my colleagues spent a lotta time there, from having lunch to shopping. My fave thing to do there is having Cold Stone. You gotta try their dark chocolate mix with cheese cake plus crunches of sugar cone. Gossshh its really delicious.

Since a long time ago, I have a thing with skyscrapers, sky and trees. I just love to see them in pictures.

This is the view from my office :)

Any one of you came to POND'S Teens Concert 2011 in Jakarta? How was it? :D
Since I'm working with them for the digital thing, I got this lucky chance to catch up with David Archuleta while he was in Jakarta for around 3 days. I like some of his songs, but I wasn't really a fan of him until I knew him in person. H e i s v e r y h u m b l e.

Pict from Arief Sundjaja

We went to Museum Gajah and had noodles in North Jakarta on Sat (just before his concert). David has never refused photographs and autographs pictures from his fans. Lovelyyy :)

Me and my bf spent a lot of time together in weekends, I can feel that now we had a lot of quality time rather than only seeing each other. This pict was taken at Starbucks in La Piazza. This is our first coffee date :)

Maybe I should end this post by now, I don't know what else to write hahahaha see you!

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