Jan 27, 2011

I wake up every evening with a big smile on my face


I have a lot of shoes, I'm a shoe enthusiast and I love to welcome every new shoes. Every time I bought a new one, that shoes must stay in my room for a day. Its like a habit, I'm sleeping with my new shoes, they stay on the floor right next to my bed. After I wear them, they went along to the shoe rack. This brown leather oxford is one of my favorite. I bought this in Far East Plaza (Singapore) for only S$ 19, which is around IDR 140.000, so cheap isn't it? Far East Plaza is like a heaven, you can find whatever kind of shoes with affordable prices ;)

Anyways, I wore this oxford to everywhere. He (yes, I call this shoes as a he) went to college, beach, malls, office, park, almost everywhere. Because this oxford is so comfortable to walk in. But after a year, he began to be damaged. The leather is not as good as it used to be and start looking to peel off. I need a new one :(


Surprise gift from boyfriend, he really knows what I need :)


This is a pict of my favorite wedges. I really love my black wedges :D


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