Jan 21, 2011

Hello, my name is Dinda


I'm so happy, for no reason. I'm feelin so good lately :D

I recently got emails from you guys, asking about me like who am I (in details), what do I do, what software did I use for my art works and so on. I'm soooooo happy to read those emails. So here I'm gonna answer all those questions and wrap it in a blog post :D

I'm Dinda Puspitasari, people usually call me as Dinda or PS. But I have another nickname in my office, it's Sari. LOL, don't ask why. I'm 21 years old young woman whose now working as a digital account executive in a multinational PR consultant. In college, I took advertising major, I just graduated from University of Indonesia in 2010.

I have big passion in art and fashion. My mom is a super creative woman. She makes everything, dresses, shirts, pants, decorations, everything. And so do I. I make hand crafts and stuffs. I made things I like. If I saw something interesting, the first thing that popped in my mind was "how can I make that?". I prefer to make my stuffs rather than buying it.

Some of you were asking why didn't I work as a graphic designer or art director, so here's my answer. I love art, I used to have a dream to work as an art director in an advertising agency. But then I realized that my artworks are the expressions of how I'm feeling, my moods, my life and everything. Art is my passion and my artworks are my expression. Besides, I'm a type of person who likes to think about strategy, how to reach the goals. So it is why I'm working as a digital account executive, not as an art director or a graphic designer.

I used to draw in my sketch book, I bring it everywhere. I draw anything that crossed in my mind. Until I learnt how to use adobe illustrator and fell in love with it ever since. I made my artworks in two phase. The first is to draw the linings on adobe illustrator. I only use a mouse, I don't use any wacom. After that, I color the drawings on photoshop. And done! :)

So that's all about me, I hope this blog post can answer all your questions :) I'm open for any art collaboration, projects or advertising placement (in my blog). Thank you so much for the compliments about my artworks, I appreciate it a lot. Thank youuu, lovekissandhugs from the fruit machine,

Dinda Puspitasari


Thank you for your comment (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ)♡