Nov 7, 2010

three cakes, three surprises

Happy birthday to Dinda Puspitasari! :))

Yesss, last Monday was my 21st birthday. For the first time I feel really blessed. I usually got excited on birthdays only for it's greetings, how people congratulates me and say beautiful words. I thank God for being an older me, but that's it. I feel happy for my birthdays, but I had never felt like this before my 21st. So now let me tell you a story, but sorry no proper pict for this wonderful post :)

We miss us

I was really missing R before November 1st, we hadn't met for a week with less and less of communication. Things got screwed, like a mess. I asked R for a date on last weekend, he said yes and I began thinking where should we go. But then he told me that he needed to come to his friend's bday party. Mmmmm okay. Plan was cancelled, so then I spent my weekend with my high school friends. We went to FX and did karaoke on the whole night. I was happy to spend my time with them. Then I went to sleep over @ Esya's. On Sunday, R asked me to go home earlier so that he could come to my house before he accompanied his mom to go somewhere. But I and him got overslept and I ended up sipping iced coffee at Black Canyon while he was doing something with his laptop on the afternoon. We both really know how we missed us. And yes, we didn't saw each other for the whole week. Then I went to sleep an hour before my birthday.

Alarm surprise

I got awakened at around 4.30 am in the morning and straightly checked my phone, saw if there's anything. I got some sms, bbm, and tweet mentions. I was about to read it one by one, tried to open my eyes since they were sticking each other, until someone turned the lights up and there he was. R was standing in my room holding a sweet cake with a candle on it. My mom and my dad was there too. I was really surprised to find him in my room at that time, I had never expected things like that. They sang a happy birthday song and I blew the candle off. I was so happy, really happy that he came to my house on that day, at that time. I was really happy to finally see him on my birthday. Thank you Mr. R :))

Finally 21st

I received so many birthday greetings and wishes on that day. Tons of tweets, bbm, sms, facebook wall, phone calls, voice notes, etc. I'm so happy that my family, my friends, my colleagues were congratulated me. The best thing of a birthday is that you got so many birthday wishes, people are sending you their prayers. A birthday feeling won't be exchanged by any other feelings in the world. I really wanted to reply it all one by one but I don't really have much time because it was a hectic Monday at the office. So I would like to say thank you for you who sent me birthday wishes and greetings, thanks guys you're all the best :))

Airplanes above our heads

R sms me on lunch time and asked me to have a dinner with him, I said nothing but yes. We went to Skydining and had a city view dinner. The weather was really nice so that we could see stars and airplanes on the sky. I really love city views, so beautiful. While we were eating our dinner, I suddenly recognized some of my high school friends were walking toward. They were about to give me birthday surprise but they beautifully failed. Haha. But I was still surprised to have them there. They bring me birthday cake and sang a birthday song for me. Again, I was really happy. Thank you to Esya, Riri, Putri, Tita, Angel, Eca, Bojai, Dimas and Dimas's friend for taking their time to give me a surprise. I feel so complete, family, lover and friends. Lately I found out that R set the surprise for me. Thank you R, again I couldn't say more but thank you :*


We went home a bit in hurry, R got stomachache. He drove the motorcycle really fast. Before we enter my house, we had a little conversation

R: Are you happy with the surprises?
Me: Yesss, I'm really happy. I told you that I had never have birthday surprises. I'm so happy, thanks dear.
R: *smiling

My house was all dark, I thought that it was a black out or something. I opened the entrance door and "SURPRISSSEE!!". All my friends were there. They surprised me up. They got me startled. They (almost) got me burst into happiness tears. All my closest college friends and some of Rudy's friends were there. I don't know what to say dear friends, I feel like I wanna hug you all at a time. I feel so blessed. Thank you guys, I couldn't say more but thank you.

My mom cooked a lot of food on that day. My sister brought another birthday cake for me. We had a little birthday party in my house, a surprise party I might say. As a birthday present, R gave me a video. A birthday greetings video of my friends, family and ofcourse him. The video was really touchy that I was teary. R took videos of my friends and collected them into one marvelous video. R set up all those surprises and made that video for me. Thank you R, thank you and thank you :*

Family, R and friends, I couldn't ask for more. Thanks God, I feel really blessed. Thank you :))

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