Nov 12, 2010

Sketch it out loud

Hello monsters how are you?

Mine was totally messed up. I got my period and this hormonal thing is pretty much screw everything. I went home earlier from the office because I got cramps which hurts me so bad (only girls know how it really feels). I was really in a bad mood, on the lowest level, until now. It's like everything I did was messed up. My last meal was on lunch, a BK's Whooper. I don't feel hungry at all. This period really turns me up and down like a roller coaster. I end up repeating Dashboard Confessional's song, Hands Down (the acoustic version) on iTunes. Somehow this song lifts up my mood a wee bit. I sing as loud as I can, as if there's nobody else but me at home. As I sing, I grab a pen and draw something on my note book

My heart is yours to fill or burst,
to break or bury,
or wear as jewelery,
which ever you prefer.


I miss my sketchbook, I miss my vector sketches.

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