Oct 31, 2010


He was a sweet and tender hooligan, hooligan
And he said that he'd never, never, never, never do it again
Not until the next time

Sweet and Tender Hooligan - Nouvelle Vague

1. Lately, I'm so into Nouvelle Vague's music
2. I gain some weight and I don't really care for how I look. All I care is that if I gain more weight, I need to buy new jeans. Rrrrgghh.
3. Happy Halloween!
4. Went to Esya's house for a sleep over. It's been a while since I don't hang around with my high school (my closest) friends. Believe me, spending time with your close friends is a real treasure.
5. Friends can give you objective opinion. So if you got a huge problem and you don't know what to do, simply call your close friend and ask them.
6. Last week was pretty messed up. Lack of sleep, lack of communication with my bf. We both are working so umm yea I really miss him right now.
7. It's been a month since I'm working in my new office. So far so great! :D
8. 2010 flies so fast! Tomorrow is November, helloooo we're getting closer to 2011.
9. Tomorrow is also my birthday, my 21st birthday. I really wish all the best for my self :)


Playing dress up and make up


Hickory smoked bbq chicken @ Hard Rock Cafe, taste sooooooo delicious. you gotta try this, plus it has a huge portion!



Tortilla Chips & Salsa @ Hard Rock Cafe, OH.SO.GOOD.

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