Oct 25, 2010

C'mon little strangers, there's only one last dance -Nouvelle vague

A boy and a girl sitting on a couch. They were talking and laughing for silly things.

Boy: Go get me two papers and two pens
Girl: What for?
Boy: I'll do some magic trick for you
Girl: Okay

Girl: Here, I only have this paper, is it okay?
Boy: No probs. Umm actually I won't do any tricks
Girl: Rrrrrggghhh
Boy: Hahaha. But I want you to draw 5 things you wanted to have in your future life.
Girl: Eh?
Boy: Yeah, draw something, I wanna know. I'll do the same thing.
Girl: .... (start thinking)

Boy: Done?
Girl: Not yet
Boy: You don't have to draw that good!
Girl: But I always draw that good HAHAHA

Girl: Okay, I'm done. So what's next?
Boy: Let me see it
Girl: NOOOO. Where's your drawing?
Boy: I wanna see yours and tell me what's it about
Girl: Mmmmkay

Girl: I wanna be happy, the first drawing is my self, smiling widely. I wanna live my life happily.
Boy: .... (listening)
Girl: The second is I wanna be a successful woman, I wanna have a great career in a great company. And have my own project like I do now
Boy: .... (nodding)
Girl: And I wanna get married...
Girl: (continuing)... I wanna go to Mecca, with my mom
Boy: (nodding) and the last is?
Girl: I wanna have a post graduate degree
Boy: Why?
Girl: because I wanna be smart
Boy: mmm.. Okay

Girl: So now where's yours? Let me see it
Boy: This is mine (smiling)Girl: Tell meeeeeeeee


Boy: Okay.. I wanna have a house, a proper house to live in
Girl: .... (listening)
Boy: And I wanna have a car, because a car let us to go anywhere, right?
Girl: Yes, definitely
Boy: The third is I wanna go to Mecca, just like you
Girl: (grinning)
Boy: the 4th is I wanna have two kids, a boy and a girl. A boy who can play soccer with me and a cute little girl
Girl: aaaaah so cute. What's the fifth?


Boy: (flipping the paper).... The fifth is you :)


  1. mamiii inang papi aa ui ayo nikah segeraaaaa!
    co cwit cekaleh, iri jek! hahahaha
    pasangan paporit nih (Y) (Y)

  2. ahhhhhhh manis banget sih rudi..
    gak kayak hidupnya, pait


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