Sep 27, 2010

We should think about this and that before we do this and that

Last month, for some reason I made a pretty big decision, I resigned from my job in Pull and Bear. Since that time, I began searching for another job that fits me well. A job that in line and increases my knowledge. So I sent my resume to some multinational and local advertising agencies in Jakarta.

One of my dream when I was in college is to work as an art director in Ogilvy or Dentsu. Google them if u wanna know more. I was an art geek back in the days and my passion is to work with art. Lately I found out that I'm not really good in art directing for advertisements. My way of art is more like an expression of my self which is not being directed by anyone or anything. I started to like the communication strategies and stuffs. About the research of finding the problem to the strategies building. Then I knew that I should be in the strategic division or in account division.

Around three weeks ago, I got some interview calls. One of them is Dentsu. I was really happy to have that phone call, I jumped all over my bed. It was like a dream that (almost) come true. Then I did the interview, but my heart says a no. I don't know why. And so did the result, I had no phone call from them until I wrote this post.

A bird is leaving, another one is arriving. I got an interview call from Pulse Communication which is a subsidiary of Ogilvy & Matters. Pulse Communication = Ogilvy PR, a public relation agency. HA! Another dream is coming! When I had the interview my heart says yes. And so it is, I am now working for them as a digital account executive and will be started on Monday.

I am so happy for my self. I reached two of my college goals. The first one is graduated with honors of cumlaude. The second one is to work in Ogilvy. I am so thankful. So now is the time to set a higher goal! Yeay!

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  1. kerja jadi digital account executive itu ngapain aja din? :)



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