Sep 11, 2010

His last tweet became the last thing he wrote, forever

Two days ago, I lost one of my best brother. He's my cousin, Rizky Iriansyach Akbar (Kiky, 27yo). He passed away on 8-9-10. I was just woke up (at 7 am) when my mom is screaming hysterically on the phone. My aunt, Kiky's mom, was calling to get some help because Kiky was in the bathroom and he did not answer anything. My mom ran to his house (our house is just some blocks away). I wanna help, I really am, but I had an interview at 9. I checked his twitter, and the last thing he tweeted was "Last day of the week...Here we go...Bismillah...", at 6.35 am, which is 37 minutes before that emergency call. I told dad about his tweet. And I said to my self that Kiky is okay, he just tweeted, nothing bad will happen. The last thing I can do is praying and then I took a bath.

After I took a bath, my mom rushed into our house and again, hysterically, she said that "Kiky is probably dead! But we need to make sure. We need doctor, we need ambulance!!". My knees turned into Jell-O, I lost my power. Its not a good news to heard. I instantly cried. I cried. Yes, I really cried. Kiky is like my own brother and its impossible for him to go this soon. He had heart surgery several years ago, but still, this is too soon. On the way to the interview, my sister called and told me something that I really don't want to hear. Kiky passed away. I denied. But Kiky 
passed away. No he's not. He is! My brother passed away for heart attack! :"(

He's so young, he's only 27 and will be 28 on Sept 25th. He's a great man, he works as a copywriter, he plays guitar (a lot, the last time we went out together was a month ago, I accompanied him to buy an acoustic-electric guitar), he's a shoe collector, he's good looking, he used to be a DJ, he's so caring that every time I had interviews or exams he always cheer me up, he's a big fan of Blink 182, he's a family guy. I lost one of my best brother.

Three days before he 
passed away  he tweeted "3 more days to victory". I thought the victory that he meant was the Ied Mubarak public holiday which started on Thursday. But it turned out to be his real victory. His last tweet also means that 8-9-10 was his last day, forever.
So long brother, I'm gonna miss you. Rest in peace dear Kiky, have a great life up there :')


  1. yah dinda, turut berduka ya, din. tapi kan saudara lu meninggal pas ramadhan, insya Allah meninggalnya uswatun khasanah... amin

  2. betul kata mojo din, turut berduka cita ya :( sedih bacanya..

  3. Really touchy blog de ... we all love you kiky, we all still not believe that you are gone :-( Ya Allah ampunkan semua dosa nya dan terima lah amal ibadah nya ... amin

  4. good man die young
    may god bless him

  5. @mojo, fachri, batara: amiiin thx yaa

    @kak lia: sampe sekarang msh suka ga percaya kak, keingetan terus.


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