Sep 19, 2010

Barbie vs Polly Pocket

When I was a kid, I had a lot of toys. A lot. Me and my sister had our playing room on the upstairs of our old house. The playing room is not a bed room size, its a second floor size. I mean the whole 2nd floor of our house was our playing room. Its so big that we had and can play swinging in our playing room. My sister used to be a Barbie model when she was ummm 8, maybe 9? I'm not sure because I was only 4 or 5. She got a lot of Barbie freebies, like 2 closet full of Barbie dolls. Not all of them are freebies because we're also collecting Barbie dolls. Besides dolls, I also had Barbie tent, sewing machine, stamp , house, etc.

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The next toy I really love (until now) is Polly Pocket! Fyi, I love the old Polly Pocket better than the nowadays Polly Pocket. I had a lot of Polly Pocket, from the single one to the castle one. I used to travel a lot when I was a kid. Once, in Japan, I bought this special edition of Polly Pocket's castle which is very very beautiful. I wish I had a pict of it. The castle has dancing room, guest rooms, gym, lab, secret room, library, glass house, etc. I love that castle so much. I wonder where my mom put that Polly Pocket castle now.

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So, today I had this childhood mood that brings me a happy feeling. I feel so colorful. So I made this. LOL


I didn't literally made this. I actually searched on google for My Little Pony's coloring page. Then I colored it which turned out to be super fun! You gotta try it hahaha


  1. agree! old polly pockets are better! i still have my polly pockets until now :)

  2. yes it is! i wish i had my polly pocket now, my mom put it on the attic or somewhere i dont know -,-


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