Aug 28, 2010

What goes around comes around

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Yeay I got time to make an artwork! Here's another Karla from Karla's closet. A friend of mine, Sabrina, asked me to make an artwork of her. So here it is, hope you like it :)

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  1. hi there! =D
    i forgot wheather ive asked this before or not..
    how do u sktch al those? is it manually sketch then u scan,u edit photoshop..or strictly using a software. if yes,tell me would you? :D
    thank you. appreciate it much.


  2. Hello there, I use adobe illustrator for the lining and photoshop on the coloring. Thanks btw ;)

  3. ooo isee. thanx.keep up ur great artwork!
    i love ur sketches and photos(esp ur model.the whole thing makeup,teachniques n composition looks great.)
    u inspires me and others. *huggs

    im from malaysia btw. see ya. :D

  4. thanks, i'm so glad to read ur comments :)
    say hi to malaysia!


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