Aug 7, 2010

Do-do-don’t you know, don’t do it but you do it what you do to me -Phoenix

Hi! Hello! How are you? Everything's good? :)

Since I'm working with MAP, I was busy. I'm working for Pull and Bear as the store supervisor. My first week was really fun, surrounded by dresses, denim trousers, shoes, bags, accessories, you name it. It's really fun to work in fashion industry. I met people, I learn about how to this and that. If you have time, please visit Pull and Bear Grand Indonesia, we got the latest collection for fall/winter :)

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going to the interview

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all taken by louie

I have nothing less to say but umm things are change and you gotta cope with that, whatever it is. Good or bad, because everything's happen for a reason. As you grow up, life is no longer a fairy tale. It's not a bad thing, it's a really good thing for you to learn.

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