Jul 8, 2010

eenie meenie

hola! how are you people? its 2.45 pm in jakarta and i just woke up like 2 hours ago hehe i watched german vs spain last nite and pretty much is upset to know that german lost. huhuhu i was hoping that german could go to the final and beat netherland. before, i was on England and Brazil team. all my favorite team were lost hhuhuhuhuhu so sad :'(

and ummm i'm on holiday as u all know, endless holiday untill i get a job. i've applied to several company that matches my skills, like advertising agencies and magazines. so let's just keep on praying for an interview calls :)

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i didn't do much photographs lately, i ran out of film rolls, my Mary-chan camera is broken and i'm really sad about it. Mary-chan is my only plastic camera with flash on it huhuhuhuu i'm so sad. to cure my sadness, i did a lot of vector sketch and it's like a mood booster for me everytime i look at the final artwork. the objects are mostly fashion blogger, i dunno why. but i love fashion and my vector skecth is one of my contribution for the fashion world hahaha so here's a sketch of Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint.

last nite, i went to jakarta fair with my bf, it was my 2nd time visiting jakarta fair. the last time i went there was umm high school maybe, or junior high? i don't really remember :p over all, jakarta fair is soooo crowded, food, electronics, clothing, kids playland, you name it. but i didn't bought anything there (i'm in broke, the singapore visit last month took my money away haha). 

okay, see u on my next post. bye! :)


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