Jun 30, 2010

sweet tooth

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you all must have heard about Hansel and Gretel, don't you? since i was a kid, i always wanted to see a real candy house just like in the fairy tale. so now i made an illustration about my kind of Hansel and Gretel candy house, of course with no witch in it :p

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This house was made from:

  • lemon pie crust with strawberry icing sugar as the roof
  • mocha covered biscuit sticks as the wall
  • chocolate sandwich cracker as the door followed with a green apple bubble gum as the door locks
  • mint flavored jelly as the windows with cheese rolls as the window frames
  • lollipops fences
  • candy tree with chocolate branches
"Well, well!" said an old woman, peering out with a crafty look. "And haven't you children a sweet tooth?" -Hansel and Gretel story

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