Jun 16, 2010

grilled salmon

Hello! How are you people? I miss my blog so much. Anyways, I have a really good news, my TKA's done and I got A! ALHAMDULILLAH, i was so happy about it! It's like i had the greatest reward for my own self after all those tiring months. oh my GPA's also increasing, i got 3,75 for this semester. i really hope that i could get a cumlaude.

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Went to Grand Hyatt on last saturday, met my cousin who came from Russia and had this delicious grilled salmon aglio olio spaghetti. yumm!

i really have tons of stories to tell you but i don't know why i couldn't write any good word right now. and it seems like i'll be posting on next week like monday or tuesday because i'll be going to Singapore this thursday, for a holiday. wooohoooo! see you! :)


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