May 26, 2010

june 7th

hello there,
i'm so sorry for being such a horrible blogger lately. i did no post in 2 weeks.
i was so busy lately, my TKA deadline is 10 days closer. TEN DAYS, CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??!
it seems like i won't be able to post anything until i pass the deadline.
but please, i need some support for this TKA thing,
will you wish me a good luck?


  1. goodluck dindaaa ! kita pasti bisaaa :)

  2. makasi raniii :)
    asik ya tka lo udah jadi, gue sedikit lagi nih.

  3. ah ngga juga diiin. ayo semangaaat sehat yaa jgn sakit2 :))


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