Apr 29, 2010

pixel he(ART)

my first pixel art!
hip hip horraaaay!
Mr. Lucky from SilverPurple taught me how to make a pixel art by using paint on windows. (thank you sooo much!)
it turned out to be pretty confusing on the beginning, LOL.

so here I give you my cute big heart to you readers, catch! ;)


  1. widiw
    tapi masih ada jag tuh mba dinda(pixel yg terlihat patah)hehe
    tapi bagus ini tinggal dipoles...haha

  2. wihii terima kasih banyak ya lucky :)
    nanti2 ga ada jig jaz higgy jag lagi deh ehehehe

  3. Hey Dinda! Thanks again for allowing me to use this heart as a part of my logo for my shop that will be up soon!


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