Apr 5, 2010


images are not mine. credits to fashion blogs, lookbook, pixie market, tumblr, etc

hello people, how are you? it's 2 a.m in Jakarta and my eyes are still widely open, i drank a cup of coffee just an hour ago. i miss this blog. i miss how i take pictures, resize and post it here. this post is gonna be one of my random post, about style. maybe not all of you know that i like fashion. i'm not a fashionista or a fashion victim and i'm pretty sure that i'm not a fashion disaster hahaha it's just my opinion, my mom and my sister usually says that my way of dressing is out of the line, shortly: weird. they say that i don't dress like a real girl LOL. they hate the way i wear boy's t-shirt and loose outfits. but i found that boy's t-shirts and loose outfits (plus sneakers) are very comfortable to wear. i don't like tight outfits, it's just making me soooo uncomfortable. yes, i still wear some tight shirt to combine with 'big' skirts or jackets and sometimes i wear tight dress too, but it's pretty rare. one tight thing that i always wear is my jeans. i have like 5 or more jeans in my closet but i wear 3 of them only. most of my outfits are black, brown, grey and other dark colors. i still have magenta, pale pink, purple and white but i don't know why i love black so much (as outfits). i just feel really comfortable on wearing black shirts combine with dark jackets or dark jeans. let me say that i dressed mutely. the spotlight would be on my shoes or accessories. i'm a huge fan of those thing. shoes, oh god i can't help for not buying them! the same thing happened with accessories, this is one of the reason why i made Pretty Odd. LOL. lastly is bags. i always have huge bag with me. i got loads of things in it, i dont know why but the bigger the bag, the more that i carry. :D

catch you soon! bye!

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