Apr 25, 2010

I fly like paper, get high like planes.

i want to finish my study, fast.

i want to make my own money by working in magazines as a stylist or a graphic designer.
but I'm an advertising student, so ad agencies are fine.
i would like to be an art director or an account executive.

i want to make more art works, more illustrations.

i want to make my own art and photography book.
and publish it.

i want to re-learn french language.

or italiano.
maybe mandarin too.

i forgot how to count from eleven to twenty in french.

it means that i need more spaces in my brain.

i want to buy a camera.
a single lens reflect camera.

i want my final project to be succeeded and finished by the first week of June.
got an A+
and be the best project.
okay that's too much.
i want my final project to run smoothly.

i want to take more photograph.

i want to have more time.
more time to draw.
more time to take photos.
more time to spend with my mom.
more time with my bf.
more time with my friends.
more and more and more time.
okay stop, that sounds desperate.


All I wanna do is
And take your money
-Paper Planes by M.I.A.

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