Mar 18, 2010

the laptop got broken just before i copy the files

smaller picts are taken by my laptop's webcam, the bigger was from pimen

Hello people how's your March? Mine is totally busy. Full of assignments. Things are going between heaven and hell. Sometimes it went so good as I expected but at some other time things are backstabbing me.
Last Tuesday, I did a shoot at Heyfolks! (next to Lomonesia at Jalan Bumi, Kebayoran Baru) for my Advertising Lab subject. The project is to stop illegal music downloading in the internet, bla bla bla and then we got the solution and another bla bla bla we got the big idea which is Music Ranger. Me and my advertising team gave the brief+the idea to the broadcast team. so it's a join assignments, between advertising and broadcast major. Thanks to heyfolks! whom letting us to take the shoots at their store.


  1. mau liat hasilnya dong es. pos di blog lo. hehehe

  2. yoay ntar ya gue mintain sama anak broadcastnya ca hehe


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