Mar 12, 2010

If you've got the poison I've got the remedy

Bonjour! Comment êtes-vous? I got black circles all around my mid shape eyes.

I've been struggling with limitation of times. Trying to manage a better time to do this and that and those oh-gaga-thingy. I need a genius time manager. What can I say? I'm busy, just like any other ordinary college student. I'm doing my final project (TKA), end of May will be the sweetest deadline. I took the managing director's role for this final project, it's a group thing which has one media director and two creatives (creative and art director). The final project itself doesn't stress me much. We're doing well, so far so well. It's just me, it's my very own problem. It's kinda hard to control and fit myself in the time line that I've created by myself.

Two days ago, me and my college friends did a bike riding around campus. University of Indonesia (UI) have this bike facility, you can ride the yellow bikes just by showing the student card (UI student only). This bike riding really makes me happy. The wind blows my hair as I smell the scent of fresh cut grass. Trees, birds, greens, blues, clouds, lakes, everything. I think I should do this again sometime.

Oh, my film roll package that I ordered from Central Java has arrived. So now I have three expired Mitsubishi film roll. I've been pressing my octy panoramic camera's shutter button lately. :)

I'm late! Gotta catch the train at 9.30! Bye!

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