Feb 21, 2010

flowery diana

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so sorry for my self portrait pictures lately (if you feel annoyed). :p
here I posed with Lala's mini diana lomo. It's so cute and cool even to be worn as a necklace haha she's been wanting for that lomo since a long time. i can't wait to see the results.

so what are you people been up with? i've been busy with loads of things (
read: assignments with endless S), like usual. and ummm my accessories line runs greatly. most of the items are sold out on the 13th days since we launched it. we're now boiling the ideas for the next season. so wait up! :)

yesterday i went to the Indonesian Lomography Exhibition launching, i'll post the picts later. i don't have much energy to upload it, i'm sick. :(

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  1. dindo, gw juga ke lomo exhibition ituuuu hehee tapi gak pas launching, jadi gak nonton the trees and the wild deh huhuhuuu. seru gaaak pas launching??

  2. iyaaaa. padahal gue kesana cuma pengen liat TTATW eh datengnya telat. pas dateng TTATWnya udah pada lagi haha hihi diluar


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