Dec 23, 2009


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

how was your day? i'm telling you that this is the first day of my real holiday! woohoooo! how cool is that? LOL

it's been a while since my last blog update. i was super busy. you know, college life is killing me, literally. i lose weight like 3-4 kilos and it gave such a big difference. lots of friends said how skinny i am now. but i don't feel that way. i so feel weak. i was sick every time i faced those stressing exams. oh, i worked so hard (me and my friends did super hard) for two presentations. it was a very important presentation, ad campaigns.

i was making a public service announcement radio ad about breast cancer. how teenager and early 20s girls should check their breast to prevent breast cancer. because in someway if you were late to check your breast, you could lost you dreams. and that's a pretty big issue we got here. that's why me and my group decided to make an ad campaign about breast cancer. the radio ad works so well that the lecture didn't say any hard comments LOL. the presentation also works very well. hope that we can get A for this audio and visual execution subject. :)

and this is the additional media, we made an ambience just as a reminder for girls how important for them to check their breast.

and the 2nd is the charity campaign. we got the brief about Unicef (in this subject, Unicef is our client). Unicef asked us (the agency) to make a campaign about how Unicef want to help Indonesian kids to get a better education. the campaign's objective is to collect coins. yes, it's pretty much like Ibu Prita issue, but in this case we must collect the coins to help Indonesian education. aaanndd the presentation works very good, the lecture said that we had a quite big and complicated (yet extraordinary HAHA :p) campaign but we did good on finding the real issue: Indonesian loves drama.

so the sleepless night was paid. WE DID IT :)

oh, i'll be abroad in the next 9 days and i'm so excited about it :)

hmmmm i can't believe that 2009 is ending. seems like i should listing my resolution for 2010. so many dreams, wishes and resolutions in my head. i really want to list it down but maybe later. i need to sit back and relax, sipping my cappuccino as well :)

guess what? my lovely dearest unique sized friend a.k.a. chacha is having her 21st birthday! woohooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!! *smooches*

here's the present cil :)

okay it's the end of this post. lately i realized that this blog is pretty much looks like a diary blog. yuck hate it. lack of pictures and sketches, i know. but i really am not in the mood for those delicious things right now.

see you in 2010 readers :)

ugly paint drawing


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