Dec 11, 2009

deep breath

it's pretty hectic here. the final test is coming and things are starting to go on it's way. you know, those times when we want something to go that way but it goes somewhere else that we (usually) hate.

need to calm down but there's no way to be calm. emotions are flying everywhere, ready explode whenever the fire touches it's grief.

a friend says a very good thing that i want to share to you my dearest reader,

"sbnernya masalah emosi adalah masalah lo berbesar hati.
karena lo punya kebiasaan menjadi superior dan mendapatkan segalanya,
jadi ketika tidak berjalan sesuai rencana, lo hanya akan melihat sisi buruknya dan malah menyalahkan orang lain"

a pretty good combination of words that pricks me slowly.

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