Nov 14, 2009

if it ain’t broke, why fix it? -Marc Jacobs

do you have any wishes?

one day, i asked my friends about their wishes. surprisingly i received many answers. some are enthusiastic about this wish note, but others said that if you still have wishes, that means you ain't happy for being who you are now.
hmm, let's just set aside those opinion. here, let me share with you.

i wish for a doraemon :p
-Anisla Triayu

i wish to have a very happy life and afterlife
-Arrie Adha Putra

i wish to be with her
-Gilang Arrahman

i wish i know what i really want
-Gilang Arrahman

i wish i could be slimmer
-Antita Kinanti

I wish, i really can get everything i wish. It may sound selfish or childish, but at least i have done the task that you want me to finish, completing the sentence "i wish..". Oh, almost forgot. Do i use the right english?
-Marco Anthony

I wish I'll have a job related to music or design or both!
-Ainur Rasyidah

i wish you all the best
-Nikita Agustia

i wish to be a stronger person who can see the light even in the darkest place..
-Fatima Amira Al-Habsyi

i wish to die after the one i loved die, because if i die first i bet i'll die for a second time in time i see that person cry.
-Khalil Gazali

i wish i could care less about what people think of me
-Fatima Amira Al-Habsyi

i wish to have a you-know-what before my birthday *fingercross* hahahahaha
-Raysha Primita

i wish i have the guts to do things i even never imagine it.
-Stefanie Keshia

i wish i have a magic pocket.
-Bhatara Bharan Nasution

i wish for.. erm.. that i dont have to say more 'i wish..' anymore..
-Karina Padmiastari

i wish to married ega anandita.
-Adhitya Sumantri Sanusi

i wish i could go to London for nu year :_____(
-Sanya Nataya Emil

i wish life could be easier.
-Omar Syarief Smith

I wish every great moments could last forever.
-Angela Rizki

i wish for a doraemon
-Anisla Triayu Djais

i wish i can get her
-Firman Budiman

i wish you were here
-Gilang Arrahman

i wish to skip this semester and get earlier holiday!
-Marsha Niken Prabandhany

i wish to be perfect on everything.
-Karima Irfandi

i wish to have a great week without assignments.
-Greta Carolyn

i wish to meet you, ASAP. miss you.
-Riri Marissa

i wish to have a magic lamp and get 3 wishes more.
-Rezaldi Wibipradikta

i wish to be able to play drum, at least before i die.
-Kania Fastidianti

i wish all wishes have written here would come true =)
-Ega Anandita

i wish i don't have any wishes
-Bismo Prabowo

mine? i wish for everybody's happiness. not trying to be a super good girl, but honestly i don't have any wishes (for now). i'm pretty happy with my life. :)

so what's your's? i wanna hear it.

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