Nov 28, 2009

happy birthday esya!


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pict taken from esya paramita's facebook.

she's a lovely friend of mine, Esya Paramita. today is her 20th birthday and sadly i can do nothing but emailed her. my GSM number died and i had no other way to call or text her since i saved her number ONLY in my GSM.

oh, Esya is currently in Perth. she usually get back to Jakarta like 3 or 4 times a year, pretty as much as she likes LOL.

i've known her for years, since highschool. we really are a good friends. whenever she's in Jakarta, i always come to her house and stay there. laughing, gossiping, and doing all whatsocalled girl's stuff with my other friends like niki, riri, angel, tita, etc .

okay, this time i just wanna say

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have a great one dear! :)

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