Nov 6, 2009

being 20 is just another surprise

i was really surprised to read this email. click for larger size.

Zeke is a music director and a song writer whose also Zeke and The Popo (one of my fav indie band) vocalist. he's so talented on making music. unexpected instruments and lyrics. you can check his songs on his website, and download his weekly songs.
i was so surprised that he bday emailed me. i dont know him in person, vice versa. but it is very nice to say happy birthday to a person whom you dont even know.
thank youuuu :) :) :)


  1. that must be a nice feeling that he bday emaied you !

    thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting
    hope you'll keep visiting.
    please follow my blog if you like it and i'll return a favor :)

  2. and thanks for dopping back here :)
    i'd follow you!


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