Oct 20, 2009

type typing typo

these are my artworks for print ad execution mid test. it's about typography which is so fun to do.

the first pict is me. the lecturer asked us to make a typography picture that represent ourselves. i really want to colour it but the brief says black and white.

the second is a typography illustration. read a poem then make the illustration. the poem is Syair empat kartu di tangan by Taufik Ismail. it's about a man who is really materialistic.

the third is a 3D typography which should represent a hotness of PANAS MEMBARA. it should be orange red with fire flare and black background but something stupid happened while uploading, so it turned out blue which looks so cold. -_-'

the final artwork is a movie poster. the lecturer asked us to remake KALA movie poster. the mandatory is the producer's name and the casts. fyi, it's a thriller movie.

okay, this is my first typography project. more typo is on the go! :D

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