Oct 31, 2009

ting ting tings

i really had fun last night! me and my friends went to Soulnation to see The Ting Tings, my favorite band of all time. (i named this blog by one of their song. teehee). it was like a blast you know, i had full pressure weeks, mid terms and assignments as i told you before. oct 30th was like so far far away but then TADAAA! it's time to have some fun! I WAS SOOOO EXCITED!

we came right at the time to get on the ting ting's line. the queue was like a giant snake, super duper long. oh before that, acel forgot to bring her special show printed ticket. we were panic and looking for help. fortunately the crew was really nice that they reprinted the ticket for acel so we can enjoy the whole show. thank you :)

we watch Slank for a time and got into tingtings line instantly. was hoping that we could stand on the first row. AND WE DID! woohoooooo!!

BUT I REGRETED TO MY SELF THAT I DIDN'T BRING ANY CAMERA! ah crap. pictures from my friends blackberry are following this post later.

i hugged the barricade tightly so that no one could take my possition since it was good enough to see their performance that close. i was separated with my friends but sanya still standing beside me arm to arm. yeah no one can take our position hahaha

the show was 50 min late but worth enough to wait. we sang Indonesia Raya before the show started. and finally Jules de Martino came out wearing zippered shirt, playing the keyboard and continue hit the drums. then Katie White showed up wearing black shirt, black sequined shorts and sneakers mixed up with purple spandex leggings. YEAAAAHHHHH! they start singing We Walk.

i was really really enthusiastic and happy. i danced. i jumped. i scream. i think they got a perfect performance. i was standing infront of the camera that shoots me and sanya to the big screen. we were sweaty all over, so ugly to be seen publicly hahaha

here's the song list: we walk, great dj, fruit machine, keep your head, traffic light, be the one, we started nothing, shut up and let me go, impacilla caprisung, and that's not my name.

the ting tings was so cool. enough said.

okay, change topic, i'm home alone now, my mom and dad went to bandung. my uncle just passed away this morning :'( i'm praying the best for you om. my sister and his boyf was planning to have some dinner, she asked me to join. but then his bf came with this racing motorcylce which can only carrying two people. grrrrrrrrr. so then she made an appologize, buying me Kentucky, my favorite junk food. it means that i'm all alone on my birthday night. huhuhu

and today is just a day. i stupidly swallowed a gum. i was chewing a xylitol and suddenly realized that the gum was no longer in my mouth. HAHAHAH stupid, i know. i instantly drank water, hoped the gum will slides smoothly in my intestimes. can anybody answer, will the gum stuck in my body? i'm so curious. the final worst thing about today is that i incautiously throw my handphone to a watercloset in my campus. IT WAS THE SECOND TIME i did that disgusting thing. YUCK!! i got no option but sinked my hand into the watercloset. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!

What an ironic right, crazy for watching the ting tings vs crazy for the disgusting handphone.

cheers, love love love

the 19 years+364 days old little woman.
cute uh? teehee


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