Oct 13, 2009

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good evening ladies and gentlemen.

how's your day?
i hope you don't sneeze a lot like i did. i'm sick, since yesterday and i hate it. i can't do anything but sleeping and (sometimes) browsing. grrrrrr.
these past 2 weeks were just too crazy for me. assignments and deathline (yes, deathline is much more represent my condition than deadline). assignments and deathline are a perfect killer couple.
Oct 19th my mid term test starts, for two weeks. i'll have written test and take-home test. but don't forget the sweetness of mid term assignments. let me get you clear, written test is more easier to be done, you only need to read the papers and books, then push the words to get into your brain and the next day, spill those words on the test paper. take home test, needs lots of time, the process behind "my take home test is finally finish!" is really root up my energy. but take home test still has it's positive side, you don't need to sit in the class on the d-day, you just need to collect the test to the lecturer. mid term assignments, just like any other assignments but with heavier steps. the mid term assignment's deathline is unsurprisingly near to the mid test's.

yesterday was a long day. i went to my lecturer's office (square box, near to senayan city) at 7.30 am. that's pretty early for me, i usually go out at 10 or 11 am. my lecturer, Lukitasari, a director whose focusing on TV commercials asked us (me and my group) to come to her office to discuss about the PSA assignment. we need to collect the video by Oct 24th. the PSA itself is still on progress, shot list-ing is what we're doing now. it takes time, and we need her approval to shoot the PSA. that means we only have less than 10 days to wrap it up. AAARGGHH! LACK OF TIME! S.O.S I NEED EXTRA TIME!

last saturday, i went to japan matsuri at monas. the festival was good. i enjoyed the atmosphere. people talking in japanese languange all around, nice. in other side, my laptop just being reinstalled for a virus and OS crash reason. so it gets back to manufacture condition which is no photoshop and no illustrator. *^%*()&!!

my schedule is screwed up, i don't even have time to write down the "what to do" list, like i used to. there's too much things that keeps pushing me to work harder and harder and harder. suddenly, i fell off the ground, running out of energy, screaming for a quick break.

wish me for a better condition will you? :)

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