Sep 17, 2009

am i crazy or am i genius? i don't think i'm either... -John Lennon

it's thursday baby woohooo

tomorrow is a holiday for us here in UI, a lebaran holiday (christians have christmas and we're moslems have idul fitri a.k.a. lebaran) for about a week. but holiday is not a real holiday since i'm a 5th semester student. assignments are following me everywhere.

on sept 26th i'll be presentating 2 of my assignments. the first one is about making a public service announcement (PSA) ad. it's the audio visual message execution subject. the lecturer asks us to pick any social issue, it's up to us. so me and my group has decided to make a PSA about three magic words, you know, thank you, sorry and please. then we need to do mini research, just to complete the data. after that, we have to write down the objectives and the strategy, i'm telling you: it's the hardest part of making an ad. i like the process but sometimes it's just making me crazy to find the facts, researching people to get the insight and write all facts and details on the proposal. the deadline is sept 26th, it's saturday, so that means during our lebaran holiday, we must finish our assignment. -_-

the second assignment is coming from proposal writing technique subject. in this assignment, the lecture gave us a marketing brief. the brief said that we need to make a whole complete ad proposal for a new chili sauce product, include the branding. the deadline is also sept 26th.

holiday? i don't think so.

on my print message execution subject, the lecturer asked me, us (i mean the class) to make a computerized drawing by using all design elements. she asked us to enclose the sketch.

this was the sketch. an ugly sketch, i know. :p

before i finally decided to draw this fraculla (frog draculla), i already tried to draw a cake, a big cheesecake, but then i failed on making it in illustrator. i failed on making the fresh strawberry look.
i really am an amateur.

and this is my final artwork.
the lecturer doesn't let us to draw a living thing. but i really love to draw a monster, i think moster is a very imaginative creature. so i added a keychain on it. :p


i really want to watch the orphant and the proposal. i think i should rearrange my schedule to have a free time, a time of my own. oh i forgot to tell you that i found a very interesting book in my house, it's IMAGINE, a photographic biography of John Lennon. i'm a fan of the beatles so it really makes me happy to find John's biography.
okay, see you on my next post.

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