Aug 18, 2009

seni berseni

hello ;)

on saturday i went to Ruang Rupa for a garage sale. Ruang Rupa is an art gallery (i think, i'm not really sure) in tebet, which surprisingly located about 4 blocks away from my house. i bring some of my old clothes and luckily 2 of my shirts were sold! the garage sale itself was not really crowded. some guys were selling old polaroids camera, a vintage lubitel, and loads of another vintage camera and also they got plastic cam there. i bought their black and white film roll for Rp 12.000 each. cheap or expensive? i don't know :p

this is our stand. we got shoes, dresses, jeans, jackets and accesories.

this is Giling's thrifted blazer (actually it's her grandma's). i really like it but unfortunately it's waaayy too big for me :(

Lala, Acel and me. as we got bored at the garage sale, we decided to go to CCF's event at Galeri Nasional. it's a movie screening and discussion.

This is Acel, while waiting for the french movie screening. Oh, she and my other friends (Bhatara and Jali) won a bronze awards at Phinastika Awards for the young director category. congratulations marselina bhatara jali!


a courts d'ecran

Galeri Nasional

Lucky us, Edwin's Gallery was also held their exhibition there. here's some of the artworks.

the coolest painting.

the stone magazine covers.

by the end of the night, we watched the movie screening.

my internships ends this friday, so that means i'll be having my real holiday, more travelling, more pictures. horay!

oh, yesterday was indonesia's 64th independence day. happy birthday indonesiaaaaa! ;D


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