Jun 17, 2009

raysha primita

-photo by me

this is one of my lovely friend, Raysha Primita. people ussualy call her as chacha but i prefer to call her as ucil. she is tiny and a year older than me. she has a little sister that much higher than her, named nilam. eventhough her body is tiny, she got a big brain. she is smart. and so do i hahaha. we got the same IP this semester.

i know ucil since we went to UI. on the first semester, we were not a close friend. but starting on the second semester (until now), we get closer and closer as a good friend.

ucil is a very nice person, very kind. she loves to eat and so do i and my other friends (lala, acel, sanya, indah, oucha). everytime we go and have a sleepover at her house, we always have our stomach full of delicious food. she always has a nice dessert like caramel pudding, fruits, juices, etc.

oh i miss you ucil!


  1. oh my puspita, i do miss you sooooooooooooooo !
    you know this is makes me wanna cry ahahahaha
    love youuuu :)

  2. aaaaahhh dont cry ucil ;)
    tadi lagi nganggur eh ada foto ini di leptop gue, yasudah gue edit dan gue post. rinduuuu!
    hugs and kissesssssssss!

  3. i miss u too ucil. miss you too bad.
    u know who i am, xoxo hehe muaahhhh love ucil!

  4. siapa nih anonymous?? acel bukan? apa lala?


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