Jun 7, 2009

i wanna have an ice cake!

here's what i promised you!

last week, on a lazy sunday, i went to car free day at jalan thamrin with my friends, lala, chacha (and her sister, nilam) and arrie.

car free day is a day (the 4th sunday in a month) in my city where no cars are allowed to pass Jalan Sudirman to Monas. fyi, it's the most hectic street. so you can imagine how fun it is to take a walk even a photoshoot there!

it was 9 a.m when we arrived and jalan thamrin was already full of junior high school students whose participated in a NO SMOKING campaign.

despite the unfriendly sunshine that makes my skin darker than ever, we did enjoy our trip!

i really wanted to have these kind of bicycle.

live healthy without smoke!

i saw these people from my campus were also participating the campaign.

he even played football on the street!

these guys got a very unique bicycle.
the pumping bicycle.
you don't need to paddle it, all you need to do is pump on it hahaha sounds fun right?

this monument, called MONAS (monumen nasional) is the trademark of my city, jakarta.

the old batavia community.
(i have no idea what's their community name is but lets just call the old batavia ok?)
they dressed up like an 1940's old man and ride a vintage bicycle called
sepeda onthel.
i took a picture of the sepeda onthel by my pinhole camera and one of the old batavia man asked my about pinhole. i said "just join the groups on facebook! it's quite fun to pinholing."
he grinned widely as he said thank you.

this statue called Tugu Selamat Datang is also the trade mark of Jakarta.

bicycles are all on the road!

Lala, Chacha, Nilam.

suddenly we met our friend, Kenny.
she modeled for a photoshoot by some photographers (from jakarta's deviantart).

i dont know why but i always have a thing for skycrappers.

we found a wooden bicycle. how cool is that? a wooden bicycle!

this old man, H.Abdullah, is the owner of the wooden bicycle. he owns 22 unique bicycles.
he invited me and my friends to come and see his collections at his house. unfortunately we couldn't go. next time would be great Mr.!

Arrie tried the bicycle. he said the bike was easy to ride but it has no brake. hahaha

sate padang. one of my favorite food. yumm!

as we're all tired of walking, we decided to sit under the tree infront of plaza indonesia.
then we got this silly idea, fashion photo shoot! hahaha

well it was fun, and next month we plan to go there again and have a real photoshoot.
wanna join us? ;)


  1. hei I like your tones! I went to CFD once but only around FX sudirman which not so interesting, I guess it'll be more fun if I went to Thamrin. Nice blog, btw :)

  2. hey thx, glad to read ur comment! well you should try it. fx got nothing compared to thamrin hehe

  3. really nice blog! u do have an interest in skycrapers do yo? cause i really damn loves


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