May 17, 2009

someday i'll be a web designer


in order to make an extraordinary self-portfolio website as my graphic design final assignment, i'm searching for a cool website. i'm not looking for the web content, i'm looking for the unique design. and i found these web which makes me out of words. i'ts better for you to check it by your self than reading my OH IT'S SO COOL words about those web. 

p.s: if you have a low internet connection it'll take a long time to open. but it's worth to wait!

1. leo burnett

it's a Chicago-based ad agency website. on the home page, the 3D pencil will be your cursor. the cool thing about the pencil is it leaves marks on the paper, so you can draw something on the homepage. go check it, now! now! go!

2. sour sally

on this frozen yoghurt web, you have to play the game to get the info about SourSally. it's so fun and entertaining to see the soursally icon jumping around, fly with the balloon and everything. i envy the web designer. 

any web suggestions? the deadline for my graphic design assignment is on may 24th. so if you knew any cool web please please please send me the link. thank you :)

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