May 18, 2009

old plastic camera vol.1


these are the first roll picts of my old plastic pocket camera! (click this link to show the plastic cam post). i promised you to upload the pictures but i was too lazy for it. but i always keep my promise hehe

so now, enjoy!

film: 2yrs expired Fujifilm

all photos are not being photoshoped except no. 4 and no. 7. those picts were too dark, so i adjust some brightness, contrast, and level thing. i'm so happy for this first roll because the pictures are looks like lomo picts. (i think it's what the expired film do, the grainy and lomoish color, isn't it?)

i have 33 photos, but AGAIN i'm too lazy to retouch the rest of the photos because they are just TOO DARK. WAAAAYYYY TOO DARK. oh yeah i also had upload some photos on my previous post (just in case if u're curious about the other picts. hehe)

oh now i cant wait for my pinhole first roll!

no, no, no, i got to be focused on my final exam! wish me luck ;)


  1. the first pic is amazing! (well actually all of them are amazing but i love the first one the most haha)


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