Feb 17, 2009

sleepy chair

today, i attended my class at 4pm. it was such a really looooong time to wait. i went to campus at about 2pm by semi express train and fortunately, the train came on time! woohoo!

it took about 20 minutes to get to my campus (fyi, tebet-depok is quite far). when i finally arrived, i took a walk to my department (FISIP) and i was happy bcoz the weather is so nice. i listened to my mp3 player and i realized that the left ear plug was broken, i definitely need a new one.

my class started about 15 minutes late. i didn't sat on my-everyday-chair (the left side first row), bcoz it's too cold and i didnt bring any jacket, so i took the first row on the right side. unfortunately, it made me sleepy. i didn't understand why, but the chair that i sat on really made me sleepy.

so, the lesson i learned is: do not sit on the right first row. it's better for you to take the left side. :D

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