Feb 6, 2009


fluffy clouds and clear blue sky. i took this pict at Sunda Kelapa. it was a real sunny day.

The Beatles.

when i was a little, my dad always listened to their songs. so i like them too.


The Ting Tings! i listen to their songs everyday. i recomend you to buy the album. my favorite songs are great dj, fruit machine, shut up and let me go, we walk, we started nothing. that's why i named my blog as The Fruit Machine. hehee

old polaroids

i have my own old polaroids. it was me and my sister whose in the pict. i was still a baby. i'll scan and upload it later. so you can see how cute i was. :)

SLR camera. I WANT IT.

loose shirt.

flat shoes. it's very comfortable. trust me.

sneakers. converese and dunks.


french fries, more and more french fries.

PIZZA! i prefer pizza with various toppings, i mean not only hams or sausage. i like pizza with mushroomsssss and paprika. 

beach (the picture here is Ibiza, i just love the water. it's so clean.)


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